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DwellingThis week my “whats” are battling my “hows.” The “whats” being what I’m creating and brainstorming for next year — a new class or two, a support group for writers, a new program designed to help people follow-through on their creative goals — and the “hows” referring to how I will pull them off, execute them…grow them into something successful.

The problem is that the word “how” doesn’t belong in the conversation of “what” could be. “How” gets in the way.

When the word “how” finds it way into dreaming, scheming, and brainstorming, it sparks doubt. It limits thinking. It shifts the focus from possibility to execution.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that planning, setting goals, and strategizing a course of action are part of creating. And I’m good with that — I actually love implementing. But there’s time enough for problem-solving and figuring out the “hows” when it’s time to get down to business.

For now, I choose to spend a little more time dwelling in possibility.

How about you? Do you give yourself enough time to dwell in the world of what could be?