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crunch-modeCrunch mode.

I’m in it. BIG time. A few ginormous projects, more work than I have time to tackle, and that nagging sense that my passion project is taking a back seat while I’m focusing on meeting my other deadlines is challenging for this creative multitasker.

But the thing is, keeping that passion project moving along, even ever-so-slowly, is important to the big picture. Knowing I’m pushing the needle along on my passion project keeps me feeling excited and tapped into my purpose. And when I feel that way, everything seems better.

So how to keep progressing on the stuff that feeds my soul?

Bit by little bit.

Adapting life coach guru and author Martha Beck’s “Turtle Steps” approach to my current situation, I’m breaking down all the things that comprise my passion project into tiny, bite-sized tasks. Tasks I could complete in, oh, say, five minutes.¬†Tasks I could get done while scarfing down lunch before diving back into deadline-meeting mode.

What I love about using Turtle Steps like this is that they:

  • act as a little treat or break from the other work…five minutes to look forward to instead of stress over
  • add up — a few weeks’ worth of 5-minute tasks equals some serious headway
  • keep me feeling excited about what I’m creating, even if I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I would like

Plainly put, Turtle Steps = passion project progression.¬†And that’s better than not moving forward at all…