A virtual club offering inspiration, support & accountability for writers

Do you have a goal of blogging more this year or finally tackling that book project you’ve been brewing on? Or maybe you want to start pitching your essays to magazines or complete one of your many half-finished screenplays?

Whatever your writing goal, I guess the big question is, are you ready to commit and set yourself up for success so you can achieve your goals in your writing life?

If you are a writer who could use extra inspiration, support, and accountability to keep you moving forward towards your writing goals, The Writing Alliance is for you.

Commitment to your creativity + Professional insight + Community support

How It Works

I’ve worked with many writers and would-be authors and I’ve discovered that we’re all struggling with the same things when it comes to achieving our writing goals. So many of us need help staying on task, motivation to push through writing blocks, someone to pow wow with about our ideas and plans, strategies for fitting writing in to our busy lives so we can actually finish what we’re working on.

The Writing Alliance was designed to address all of these struggles through a blend of personal support, monthly calls, daily inspiration, community connection, and more. Curious? Read below for all the details.

“Joining the Writing Alliance for me fulfilled my desire to be connected with other writers who, like me, are in the well of daily writing. Debbie is a wonderful resource, her daily inspirations are a beautiful beginning to my day and always give me pause to think. As a writing coach, Debbie offers laser focus for my work, asks great questions, and has the uncanny ability to be supportive in a substantive way. If you crave connection, inspiration, support, and direction, I assure you the Writing Alliance is for you.”


Membership in The Writing Alliance 2.0 includes:

“The accountability is so helpful—I either have to get my work done or fess up to it!”


Membership in The Writing Alliance 2.0 is only $29/month.

If you want regular access to me to support you in your writing life, this is the only way to get it unless you sign up for my Personal Book Partner program, which starts at $597/month.

Is this your year to make progress on your writing goals? If the answer is yes, why not set yourself up for success by creating some built-in support?

Have Questions?

I’ve got answers. (If I didn’t cover your question here, please email me your question or we can jump on the phone for a quick chat!)

“Debbie’s practices of goal-seeking and checking in not only help me pick what to work on and to sustain focus, but also show me what I have done. The tips and inspirational quotations tell me how many approaches work. The reason I signed up was that I was feeling confused about whether ot leave my day job so I could have more writing time, and now I am finding it am happier about the balance.”


About Me

I’m a bestselling author, speaker, and Martha Beck certified life coach who’s written and published more than eighteen books, including children’s fiction, young adult and adult self-help/how-to, and young adult fiction for publishers including Simon & Schuster, Penguin Putnam, and HCI Books.  My favorites are Chill: Stress Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You and In Their Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers. My next book, Doable: How to Accomplish Just About Anything, is coming out from Beyond Words/Simon Pulse in 2015. To learn more about my books and writing, visit my author page here.


My coaching and classes center around supporting writers and creatives in reaching their goals and sharing their work with the world. I couldn’t imagine a more amazing job!