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Debbie Reber & Debbie Weil’s Secrets to Starting, Finishing, and Publishing a Nonfiction Book

Following is the recording from a webinar hosted by myself and fellow author and writing coach Debbie Weil. During the call, we had a candid and casual conversation about all things publishing, including:

Writing tips

· Proven writing tips and strategies
· Dealing with resistance and procrastination
· The secret to revising your manuscript

How to work with editors and what the different kinds are

· Why you need a content editor, a copyeditor AND a proofreader
· And what the difference is
· How to find – and vet – editors for your book

Pros & cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

· How do you choose?
· What’s involved in writing a book proposal
· What about promoting your book?

The Webinar was recorded live on May 27, 2014.


Debbie Reber is the author or co-author of more than 18 books and has three books coming out in 2015 with Simon Pulse, Simon & Schuster’s imprint for teenagers. As a writing coach, she blends her expertise in writing and publishing with her training as a life coach. More at DebbieReber.com. Follow her on Twitter at @debbiereber. Email her at debbie@debbiereber.com.


Debbie Weil SMALLDebbie Weil
is is the author of  The Corporate Blogging Book (Portfolio). She founded Voxie Media to help visionary business authors write and publish short, high-impact books. As a writing and book coach, she helps them uncover their BEST book idea and overcome obstacles to writing. More at Voxiemedia.com. Follow her on Twitter at @debbieweil. Email her at debbie@voxiemedia.com.