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Working With a Copyeditor on Your Manuscript

One of the questions I get the most from writers nearing completion of a major writing project is “Should I hire a copyeditor? And if so, how exactly do I DO that?” In today’s post, I’m going unpack the world of copyediting, and cover a) exactly what copyediting... read more

Tips for Using Beta Readers for Your Writing Project

In this post I want to talk about readers, specifically “beta readers” or pre-readers who are willing to read your writing with an eye towards providing useful feedback that can make your project stronger. For many writers, the thought of sharing writing that is... read more

10 Best Practices for Revising a Manuscript

Have you written a sh*tty first draft of your big, beautiful writing project? Congratulations! Now the real fun (work?) begins: REVISING. Revising is where all that material you dumped from your brain onto the page is shaped and molded into something that truly... read more

Getting Past Writer’s Block

Ask any writer if they’ve ever suffered from an acute case of writer’s block and the answer will likely be a resounding YES. Pesky, frustrating, even debilitating, writer’s block feels like the words just won’t come, perhaps ever again. But... read more

The Art of the Shitty First Draft: Why and How to Write It

At some point along every writer’s journey they are exposed to the method by why which most writers begin crafting their masterpieces. That’s right…I’m talking about the shitty first draft. The SFD isn’t a new concept and it’s not just something new writers grapple... read more

Book Writing Stalled? Here are 15 Ways to Get Back on Track

Have you fleshed out an outline for your nonfiction book? Carved out your ideal writing spot? Set a regular time in your calendar for writing sessions? Have you wrapped up your research? Examined the competitive landscape? Gotten uber clear on your vision for your... read more

Writing a Book Outline: My 5-Step Process

For the past few months, I’ve been walking you through my pre-writing process for tackling the writing of any new nonfiction book, including everything from getting uber-clear on what the finished book will be, becoming familiar with competitive titles, figuring out... read more

8 Accountability Strategies for Writing Your Book

I’m a huge fan of accountability. And for writers, especially writers who struggle to begin their book or those who peter out before they finish what they started, a little accountability goes a long way. Accountability is about being responsible, to yourself,... read more

9 Things You Need to Know About Writing Book Proposals

When people say to me they’re writing a nonfiction book they want to traditionally publish, I often tell them to stop writing. Seriously. Stop writing the book. Because neither agents nor publishers will accept a completed manuscript for consideration. No matter how... read more

Finding Time to Write a Book: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, I covered the issue of identifying your best time for writing, as well as figuring out how long your writing sessions should be in order to produce your best stuff as you write a book. In this post I want to take the issue of writing and time a... read more