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celebrate_the_journeyBecause of the kind of work I do, there seems to be this continuous ebb and flow of projects big and small, and along with them, uneven spurts of creativity, crunch time, and completion.

And without fail, there’s what happens after a project has ended, which looks like a loss of focus blended with blahness and an extra dose of exhaustion. At least that what it looks like for me.

It only makes sense that after a big push — you probably see this in your own life whether you’re writing articles or managing projects or creating anything new — there would an energy dip, like a sugar crash after eating a package of Twizzlers. When you’re in the moment doing what you love to do, it feels (or tastes) oh so good, but the back end can feel not so great.

Of course, I seem to forget about this whole post-project blues phenom, even though it’s pretty much 100% guaranteed. Consequently, I find myself wondering why I’m feeling so aimless and unproductive until some kind soul like my hub or girlfriend Mards will gently remind me that I just shipped something big. And then the lightbulb will go off.Right…that’s why I feel this way.

Once I realize what’s going on, I’m better at getting through it. I mean, it’s easier to surf the waves than it is to swim against them, right? Here are my strategies:

1. Acknowledge the feeling for what it is. Know it. Get familiar with it. Welcome it. It’s a necessary part of the creative cycle.

2. Rest. Take time off. Watch more reality TV. Nap. Garden. Resting is critical for refilling the creative well.

3. Don’t judge your output. Post-project phases are not the time to start judging your productivity. You are plenty productive when you’re creating and shipping. Remind yourself of that.

4. Trust yourself. There are more ideas and projects where that one came from.

5. Celebrate what you’ve completed. Find a way to formally recognize what you’ve done — give yourself a small reward (massage? Frozen yogurt? Movie night with friends?), create a wall for posting reminders of your various completed projects, give yourself a moment to soak it in and be with your accomplishment.

What ideas do you have to add to this list?