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Speak your truthTen years ago, I was in the wrong job. I thought I should be more satisfied—I worked for a great company, spent my time in a great environment, and had a lot of autonomy. But still, it just wasn’t working for me, on so many levels. I knew I needed to make a change, but speaking up and asking for what I wanted didn’t seem like an option.

In fact, speaking up and being honest about what I wanted was absolutely terrifying to me. For starters, there was the unknown of what would happen—I knew that once I spoke up, there’d be no going back. I was worried about pissing off the wrong people, about losing the respect of my professional peers. And having to face an uncomfortable confrontation? Ugh. Just thinking about it made my stomach hurt.

But then I realized I had to speak up. And not just speak up…but speak my truth. This became clear to me after reading Shakti Gawain’s book Living in the Light: Follow Your Inner Guidance to Create a New Life and a New World. Her words not only encouraged me to tune in and trust my gut, but explained why speaking our truth is so important. Plainly put, everyone benefits when we speak our truth. I’m not talking truth by way of ditching the filter and saying what you think at every moment of every day, good, bad, and ugly. I’m talking big picture truth. The truth within you. The truth that comes from your gut…your intuition…your essential self.

“When I’m true to myself, I have a positive effect on the world around me.” – Shakti Gawain

Ten years ago, I did end up speaking my truth. And the world didn’t end. In fact, speaking my truth led to me being where I am today, at this moment. I’d say that worked out pretty well. But it’s still tricky sometimes. I still worry about pissing off the wrong people…about what others will think of me…about what those unknowns in the equation will look like.

So I remember that my speaking my truth encourages others to do the same. It forces people to stretch themselves. It keeps communication clear and transparent. Tricky or not, I do it anyway.

If you haven’t spoken your truth in a while, why not give it a try?

Be fearless.

Be honest.

Be transparent.

Be unapologetic.

Know that you’re worth asking for what you need. 

Know that when you speak your truth, the whole world benefits.